The Original Schwarz Jaw Harp conquers the Hofburg

Great enthusiasm with Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer

As part of a private audience with Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer in the Vienna Hofburg
the new Mollner book was handed over solemnly.

The Federal President, himself co-author of the book, received the Mollnerinnen and Mollner
and the entire team of authors very cordially and took enough time for the secondment from Molln.
Dr. Fischer spent a lot of time with his uncle in Molln in his childhood, and he combines the
National Park community with many beautiful memories.

Mayor Renate Rettenegger and cultural advisor Sonja Masuch presented the new
text and picture book also a real gilded Jaw Harp from the family Schwarz.
The Jaw Harp is the symbol and coat of arms symbol of the market town Molln.

Maria Schwarz serenaded the Head of State on the Jaw Harp.
Heinz Fischer was so taken with it that he immediately tried to elicit a few tones from the Jaw Harp
and in a happy mood the dancing leg swung with the attractive Mollner Jaw Harp Maker.

v.l.n.r.: Franz Reithuber, Willibald Girkinger, Andreas Mayr, Kulturreferentin Sonja Masuch,
Bürgermeisterin Renate Rettenegger, Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz Fischer, Bernhard Werner, Michael Girkinger,
Rotraud Wipplinger, Herbert Hafner, Maria Schwarz, Wolf Ruzicka (Verlagsleiter freya)


A book of a different kind - opens up an extraordinary view of the Habitat between the foothills of the Alps and the rugged Sengsengebirge:
From the point of view of Mollnerinnen and Mollner, a complex and lovingly designed portrait of a place was created, where the memory is kept alive, where it is nice to live.

The book contains 639 pages.

Available in our online store for the price of
€ 35,90


New CD with Jaw Harp sound

Hannah plays exclusively on Schwarz Jaw Harps

Hannah has been musically active for years and has a talent for her life on the way: she sings well to kneel!

At the moment, the Tyrolean is again recording a new CD, which should include the special Jaw Harp sound.

For this reason, Hannah was with friend and manager Willi recently in Molln to pick up specially tuned and hand-forged harps for the recordings.

Jaw harp professional Maria Schwarz gave the artist a few tips and betrayed tricks for the professional Jaw Harp game.

Also a "Original Kärntnerland" harmonica will be heard on the CD.