The Sound Tower - The unique attraction of Karl Schwarz

A power place

The Sound Tower of MUSIC SCHWARZ is part of the unique awareness path, which originated in the National Park community Molln.
At seven different locations, the so-called POWERFIELDS were built around the themes of spirituality, space, communication, nature, water, stones and above all sound.
Each of these seven locations has been designed to suit the topic and especially families should be addressed. You are invited to consciously experience this 2 1/2-hour journey.
Nature and spirituality, history, playfulness and information accompany this unique walk through Molln.
The sound tower consists of two levels. These were made from elementary building materials such as stone and wood, especially after Yin & Yang. It is the Yin & Yang forces that make up the life energy in their networking. They provide harmony and balance. Soothing sounds create time for meditation and inner peace for all visitors.
traditional instruments, such as tuned Jaw Harps and alpine clamps complete this unique tower.

Every visitor can elicit mystical sounds from the sound tower by his own power!

The Schwarz family is looking forward to your visit!

Excerpts from our guest book:

- Beautiful music! Cool design!
- Local sounds and feelings
- The music is doing really well! The sound tower is very nice. We were there and come from Bad Vilbel, Germany
- Also for guests from the Lower Rhine a nice experience
- A very nice sound tower, we are from Saxony!
- A pause in this sound tower with meditative music gives a pleasant atmosphere
- A well-done work - a lot of joy and contemplation!
- It's great that there is such a thing left - guests from Dresden
- Very well done ... an oasis to relax!
- Beautiful, pleasant - smells so new!
- An excellent idea! A place to listen, to be quiet!
- Wonderfully relaxing and harmonious
- The Sound Tower - a magnificent building for relaxation and tranquility.
- But we also thank Mr. and Mrs. Schwarz for the lovely welcome and hospitality during the pick-up of our accordion. Greetings from East Westphalia / NRW
- We find the idea and the execution very, very good
- It is our pleasure that there is also such a relaxing place in our place!
- This is a great place!
- "Music is the language of angels." Thank you for the heavenly moments!
- Thanks for the minutes of pause and relaxation!
- Great thing - a place where you can unwind your soul