The production of the Mollner Jaw Harp is

Intangible World Heritage

The Austrian UNESCO Commission included the production of the Mollner Jaw Harp
in the Austrian directory of the Intangible World Cultural Heritage.

From originally 40 masters, there are still 2 Jaw Harp producers in Molln today.
The Maultrommelmanufaktur Karl Schwarz is the last, full-time manufacturer and
exports the world-class Schwarz Jaw Harp to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Karl Schwarz was and always strives to preserve the traditional Jaw Harp production
and continue to evolve simultaneously.
All the greater is the joy that the Mollner Jaw Harp will now also be honored by an official body.

By the way, Ludwig Schwarz (1902 - 1979), the grandfather of Karl Schwarz, was the last guild board member
the former Jaw Harp maker guild in Molln.