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Original Schwarz
Jaw Harp

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the jaw harp. Experience the craft of jaw harp making up close!

Original Schwarz
Jaw Harp

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the jaw harp. Experience the craft of jaw harp making up close!

We have been living tradition since 1679

Immerse yourself in over 300 years of family tradition: in picturesque Molln, in the heart of the Kalkalpen National Park, the Schwarz family has been making original Schwarz Jaw Harps with dedication and precision for 13 generations. Experience at first hand how craftsmanship and cultural heritage are expressed in every jaw harp.

In our fascinating world of experience, “From Jaw Harp to Harmonica”, we take you on a journey through the history and manufacture of our unique instruments.

Take the time to get hands-on and learn the art of playing the jaw harp. Feel the vibrations and the unique sound that only an original Schwarz jaw harp can produce.

handwerk tradition
handwerk tradition maultrommel
handwerk tradition maultrommel

The new
original Schwarz
jaw harps

The new Original Schwarz jaw harps are a further development in sound technology. The closed frame makes playing easier and the precise playing edge ensures more powerful tones. The distance between frame and spring has been further reduced and a wider steel spring ensures a higher sound volume.

neue maultrommel alle
neue maultrommel gold blau
neue maultrommel duo

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the jaw harp and experience the oldest craft of jaw harp making up close – an unforgettable excursion destination for the curious and music lovers!

Welcome to our fascinating jaw harp adventure world in Molln! Immerse yourself in the history and craftsmanship of the jaw harp, one of the oldest instruments in the world. Experience at first hand how the Schwarz family has been preserving and continuing this unique tradition for 13 generations. An excursion destination that combines knowledge, fun and music – an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages!

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3 generations
on the jaw harp


Grandmother Berta, mother Maria and daughter Michaela Schwarz make music together on the jaw harp. They are accompanied by daughter Lisa-Maria Schwarz on the zither.

Three generations breathe new life into the oldest folk music instrument!

Experience the Schwarz-Dirndln and their jaw harp music! The Schwarz Dirndln will be happy to play at your celebration! 

The legend
of Saint Barbara…

…plays a decisive role in the jaw harp history. Sentenced to death as a witch in the 17th century, she was given one last chance to be pardoned: She had to invent something that was new and had a special value for society. She elicited such mystical sounds from a humming structure made of wood and bamboo that her judge was lenient and pardoned her. Today, Barbara is considered the patron saint of Jew’s harp makers. Resourceful craftsmen developed a version made of iron and steel. The successful history of the jaw harps in Molln began with the enactment of the craft regulations for jaw harp makers in 1679.

heillige babara
maultrommel traditionell

Intangible world cultural heritage

The UNESCO Commission has included the production of the Jaw Harp of Molln in the Austrian list of Intangible World Cultural Heritage. The Schwarz family is the last full-time manufacturer to be able to proudly export its products to 40 countries around the world in this quality of craftsmanship, thus preserving the jaw harp for posterity.

Vacation home “Zur Maultrommel”

The Schwarz family looks forward to welcoming you as their guests in Molln! Enjoy unforgettable and eventful vacations in one of the most beautiful regions of Upper Austria in the Kalkalpen National Park! The vacation home “Zur Maultrommel” offers beautiful, newly renovated apartments for 2-4 people!

ferienhaus molln